3MURI PROJECT - Download


The download of the trial version of 3Muri Project software has no time limit. It allows you to model both large and small masonry or mixed structures. Furthermore, it allows the analysis of all structures up to 25 nodes. 3Muri Project offers an advantageous answer to any need the professional has, for this reason two free versions are available: the Professional and the Smart. The trial version offers the possibility to model any type of masonry and mixed structures (with masonry load-bearing structure). In particular, the modeling of the floor takes into account the actual stiffness of the elements, thus allowing to simulate their real structural behavior and be able to evaluate their overall contribution, without having to make them infinitely rigid.


3Muri Global analysis general description
IFC Module (1.88 MB)
IFC Module
Sensitivity module
Multithreading Module
EC6 Modules (0.92 MB)
EC6 Modules
3Muri summarized brochure
Local Verifications - Modules Description
Comparison of calculation models
Local collapse mechanisms